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A Tale of Two Brothers

At one time, in past generations, Hawai‘i Island adapted to being 100% sustainable while supporting over one million people. In a unique and efficient system defined by land divisions called ahapua‘a, folks who lived in the mountains traded hardwoods and other products with folks who lived near the ocean and had aquaculture in place. Farmers in fresh water regions grew taro and vegetables to trade with fishermen and salt-makers, and so on. This balanced and sustainable society produced excess, and the population was able to take time off every year—for the feasting, games and celebration of the Makahiki.


Chef Keoni Regidor

Chef Keoni Regidor found himself captivated by the art of cooking early on in his life, and soon began his chef's journey by attending culinary school. Soon after graduation, Keoni had opportunities to train and cook alongside island-reknowned chef Peter Merriman, with whom Keoni assisted in the opening of Merriman's Market Café in the Kings' Shops in Waikoloa. 

Keoni’s first job in the industry was peeling shrimp at Bubba Gump’s, along with lifetime friend and brother-in-law Brandon Lee. Years later, after Brandon came home to raise his family following a successful stint in sales for Mercedes-Benz, the two friends decided to open restaurants together. 

Owner Brandon Lee

Today, Hawai‘i imports 90% of its food. In spite of a rising “eat local” movement, most of Hawai`i’s visitors are eating food from where they come from, instead of food from here on the Island. Brandon and Keoni have worked hard to source everything Napua needs from within the Honoka`a to Mauna Lani area - in other words, what they see along their drive to work.

We think you’ll taste the difference. Enjoy ~ bon appétit ~ itadakimasu ~ aloha!

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